Photo Diary: Angie Venezia

Photo Diary: Angie Venezia

Got some writing (or shopping) related questions? Angie Venezia as some answers. This NYC-based book publicist and fashion writer takes us through her writing tips, NYC faves, and LSG shopping bag.



How did you get into book publishing and what does your job really entail? Are you a writer yourself?

I wanted to live in New York and I wanted books to be apart of my working life, so publishing was a natural fit. As for my job: I work directly with authors to promote their books, mostly by arranging book tours and pitching media interviews. As far as writing aspirations go, I've come to believe that if you work in publishing you either feel emboldened to write, or you know too much to attempt to become a published writer. I fit into the latter category, though I do write in small doses.

Do you have any advice for a writer looking to get published?

It sounds simple, but my advice is just to write. Write for yourself, write for others, write essays, work on anything you want. Just keep writing to hone your skills and find your voice. Pitch your work relentlessly and thoughtfully. In the beginning take on all of the writing jobs you can. Putting your work out there into the world is the best way to catch the attention of agents and publishers. Lastly, don't rush it! You don't have to be the wunderkid, publishing a brilliant novel before 30. Publish a book you'll be proud of.



Why did you start a fashion newsletter on the side? The newsletter is a very detailed and theme focused piece and I personally LOVE it. How do you come up with the themes?

That means so much to me! I've always been passionate about fashion and found myself looking for a way to express that. I try to select themes as spontaneously as possible. The basic idea is to write about whatever my "latest obsession" happens to be that week, and invite other women to do the same.

When / how did you discover LSG?

I discovered LSG on Instagram within its first year, probably through a designer that LSG was carrying. It quickly became a source of inspiration because of its heavily curated aesthetic. Your lo-fi photography, engagement on social media, and the magazine-quality content also felt, and still feels, incredibly fresh.



What's in your LSG shopping bag right now?

Oh gosh. So many things! The Clyde beret in oatmeal, Rachel Antonoff's quilted coat, and the LSG Topanga dress in Rose linen. Scrolling through the site is an exercise in self-restraint.

What are your top 3-5 things to check out while in NYC?

The Met is a no-brainer (followed by Viennese coffee and cake at Cafe Sabarsky), but I'm most excited for the Sarah Lucas show at the New Museum and the Mapplethorpe show at the Guggenheim. For food: breakfast at Carthage Must Be Destroyed in Bushwick (just go) and Bernie's for old-school Brooklyn classics. For a day of wandering I like to visit Chinatown and the Lower East Side.



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