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👀 New Pieces Just Added to Past Season Sale! 👀

👀 New Pieces Just Added to Past Season Sale! 👀

Say Hello to Lenéa Sims, an educator and community builder living in Santa Cruz! Lenéa is the founder of Inner Play and Outer Work, networks that host workshops on topics like anti-racism, healing arts, nutrition, and arts & crafts. Whether she's teaching about self-development or systemic racism, Lenéa's mission is the same: to provide a safe, communal, and compassionate place to learn and grow. When she isn't educating or building community, she loves sewing in her garage, playing with crayons, vintage furniture shopping, cooking elaborate meals with her partner, or playing with her kittens Carrot & Potato in her primary-colored home. Visit her on IG @leneasims to get a closer look at the important work she’s doing to build better and more enlightened global communities!



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