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  • Rabôt Rabôt is a womenswear brand reimagining sustainable luxury clothing. Built on a foundation of playful elegance coupled with long-lasting quality, each garment tells a story.     Founded by Jacqueline Rabôt in 2019 with the intention of creating a different kind of fashion company, sustainability shapes the company’s policies, its messaging, and the themes for each collection. Rabôt’s goal is to be fully sustainable in all practices, while giving back to environmental charities and local communities. Each collection is thoughtfully edited and the garments are made-to-order, often using deadstock fabrics.      With equal parts fantasy and lightheartedness, Rabôt’s pieces feature unexpected blocking, ultra-feminine silhouettes, and signature silk shirt and pant sets. Rabôt’s wild 70s inspired patterns pop against the luminous materials selected for each collection. Often inspired by cozy meals, nature and relationships, each collection is deeply rooted in memories.