Photo Diary: Paloma Wool

Photo Diary: Paloma Wool

We’re not technically a Paloma Wool fan club… but we’re not opposed to starting one. One of our (and based on feedback – your) favorite designers is taking us through her office, her photoshoots, and her life. A rockstar in design, in artistry, and in celebrating femininity, you won’t want to miss what this woman’s behind the scenes looks like.


Tell us a little bit about the vision and idea behind Paloma Wool.

Paloma wool is a project on photography, clothing and other experiments. I always imagined it as a creative platform where different artists could meet and create things around the act of getting dressed.

What is your favorite part about your office?
Tell us a little about the space and the people you work with.

We are located on the same patio area as La Pedrera building by Antoni Gaudí, it’s very luminous and very beautiful but starting to get a little crowded. We have pink tables and lots of flowers and plants which always puts us in a good mood.

My favorite part of the office is the team. I have the feeling I can do anything I put my mind to since I started this project and it’s thanks to this team of women: Marta, Ingrid, Laura, Gaminde, Vazquez, Eleonora, Andrea, Carmela, and Tana.



What is the best part of your job?

Choosing colors for our pieces and photographing them after. I love that part.

We love that you photograph all of your campaigns yourself.
Tell us about your creative process in setting up and directing shoots.

I like to work with artists from diverse disciplines to express things differently.
Each set up is really different from the rest, they all start off with a random idea and we develop a scene or concept around it. They all come together organically and end up keeping a really special place in my heart.



What message do you hope your project sends to your customers?

I really hope that the project reaches and inspires other women to create and express themselves openly with respect towards themselves as well as everyone and everything that surrounds them.

Paloma wool is made up by a team of women who are very close friends that support and respect each other so much. Friendship, love and women helping other women, building and creating things together is the most important message I hope to be getting through.





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