Photo Diary: Andrea Smith

Photo Diary: Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith is a multidisciplinary artist based in NYC. Though her work is grounded in drawing and painting, she has expanded to other mediums—including her more recent foray in jewelry making. If you ask us, we’d say she’s got a knack for it all.



Taken by Lisa! My first time meeting the team IRL on my impromptu trip to San Francisco to deliver our first order of cherries. Finally got to see all that goes on behind the curtains of LSG's online wonderland — and it’s just as lovely as you would think. 

Special delivery! ☺

My studio in the morning: coffee, last night’s wine. This stunning flooring was hidden under thick red carpet I ripped out in May. Treasuring my last few months here before heading west for winter.



Sunday afternoon far uptown at The Cloisters, the Met's medieval art collection. One of my favorite city escapes along the Hudson River.

My boyfriend brought me this 80s deco pillar table he found on the street this summer and it's a prized possession. I love using it as a pedestal in this very prewar setting. 

My studio, plus the candle I just created with The Break: 7PM. Same as my slipper size!



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