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❄️ 30% Off Cold Weather Shop! Code: WARMUP30

Meet Madeline Rose Sensibile, a natural creative and content strategist born and raised in Los Angeles. By day, Madeline is a content manager, writing about art exhibitions, concerts, noteworthy eats, pop ups, and more exciting things happening in her city. When she’s not focused on content strategy, she’s feeding her love for history, art, and film! It was at the age of 15 that Madeline discovered her love of photography and sharing her unique vision when she started her own fashion blog Obsessee. More recently, during the summer of 2018, Madeline started a project called Hashtag Saved (@hashtag_saved) which is a place where she houses all of the treasured images she comes across. This project was born out of the #saved board and the common habit that us users of the internet have to constantly want to share images we are inspired by. Beginning Hashtag Saved is Madeline’s way of inspiring others and sharing her creative vision. She hopes that someday she can work as a curator or creative director to truly live out her creative dreams! Pop on over to Madeline’s personal Instagram @maddie.sensibile to get a dose of inspiration and a brief glimpse into her creative project taking place on @hashtag_saved. All photos shot by Dana Boulos!



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