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Muse Monday

Muse Monday: Kaiman Kazazian

Muse Monday: Kaiman Kazazian

Meet Muse Kaiman Kazazian, an Austin Texas artist living and creating in Los Angeles! An artist in her spirit and an illustrator in her free time, Kaiman imagines her illustrative series Pollyanna Cowgirl as a troupe of sexually expressive, confident, and in control women. They all explore different fragments of influence from her favorite childhood cartoons and 70’s Japanese comics. When the world isn’t in a pandemic state, Kaiman’s typical day consists of walking down Vermont Street to pilfer through Squaresville’s vintage racks, then moseying next door to indulge in happy hour bubbles and french fries at Figaro! Head over to Kaiman’s Instagram @kaimankazazian for stunning moody Pollyanna Cowgirl vibes and kitty content!




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