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Muse Monday

Muse Monday: Gabriela Villalta

Muse Monday: Gabriela Villalta

Meet our muse, Gabriela Villalta! She's a 22-year-old San Francisco native, currently studying business marketing striving to become a creative director. When she's not swamped with academics she loves spending her time wandering San Francisco's Mission District. During downtime she enjoys frequenting her favorite Salvadoreño panaderia, trying out skincare products, rummaging through books on art, architecture, and interior design, and of course, snapping photos of just about anything that catches her eye! She has a thing for color coordination, she constantly finds herself playing around with outfits and visual set ups. Gabriela feels most powerful when she has her gold jewelry on, hair down and perfectly curled, a dewy "sun-kissed" makeup look, a pink glitter gel manicure, and wearing her most flattering jeans. This Scorpio is one to keep an eye on, follow her on Instagram to see how she perfects her pink aesthetic while incorporating more of the rainbow within her visuals.



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