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Limited quantities & delayed shipping during our move.

Meet Muse Chloe Freed, a San Francisco based PHD student and wardrobe stylist. By day, she reads works of political philosophy and history and writes about 19th century British political thought and literature. By night, she posts on her instagram about her journey as an academic and her path to sustainable fashion. You'll usually find her at a thrift store or a coffee shop with her earbuds in listening to Crime Junkie toting along her full collection of zero-waste supplies in a Baggu tote with her long-haired mini Dachshund, Pericles, by her side. If she isn't there she's probably making use of her student membership at SF MOMA to OOH and GAH over the latest exhibition or Matisse's work in the permanent collection for the millionth time. When Chloe isn't working on academic writing she invests in her hobbies, one of which happens to be watercolor painting. She calls herself a novice but she would surely brag about her "amateur" still life painting collection over a single-origin pour over if anyone insisted! Catch Chloe over on her Instagram @chloegoslowly where you can obsess over her monochrome outfits, low-waste tips, philosophical rants, and cuddly puppy content.



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