Gender Equality Panel Discussion

Gender Equality Panel Discussion



From challenges they've faced to advice on how to break stereotypes, we sat down with four creative female entrepreneurs in Los Angeles to talk about all things gender equality. As we sat down with these four women, we realized Lisa Says Gah wants to use our Gender Equality tee to not only help you look and feel your best but also to spark conversation on something we truly stand behind.


Zarna Surti, the founder and editor in chief of TONAL, a diversity-driven magazine and podcast platform that celebrates women of color and provides mentorship to emerging female creatives.

Ashleigh Parsons, the founder of Alma Community Outreach, a wellness curriculum that partners with public schools in low-income communities all throughout Los Angeles.

Gloria Noto, the owner of the all natural, gender fluid skincare line Noto Botanics.

Erica Chidi Cohen, the founder and CEO of LOOM, a brand that provides education, services, and inclusive community to everyone surrounding pregnancy parenting and reproductive wellness.



Video by Alex Kenealy
In Collaboration with Zarna Surti

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