Photo Diary: Elizabeth Tamkin

Photo Diary: Elizabeth Tamkin

Do you like Man Repeller? Then you like Elizabeth Tamkin. As a writer of articles, finder of key pieces for their wonderful photoshoots, and market strategist, Elizabeth is a vital cog in the Manrepeller wheel. Her photo diary will give you a glimpse of a day in the life, above-the-fridge shoe closet and all. Scroll on if you want that to make sense.



01 - On set laying out accessories for a shoot. I do Market at Man Repeller and am very protective over the samples I pull so I like to be on location.

02 - Laying out the goods during the shoot in a 5th-floor walk-up studio in Chinatown.



03 - I love necklaces so so much. This is me de-jeweling when I get home from work. The heart necklace is by the lovely Alterita, the colorful bead one is by Bead Queen Susan Alexandra, and the star one is by the magical Timeless Pearly.

04 - A favorite place to pull for shoots is Maryam Nassir Zadeh. The COLORS and the PEOPLE are the best and I am always asking, "WAIT IS THIS NEW???" It never is, it just feels so damn fresh.



06 - The Lisa Says Gah shoe buy from MNZ :) Good choices, might I add.

07 - I love working by Chinatown because the fruit is so cheap. I often get an apple if passing by because they are so crunchy from this vendor!



08 - Welcome to my bodega by work in NoLiTa! Every single freaking morning I get breakfast here. Sometimes a snack too. They get a lot of my money.

09 - We begin planning for NYFW about a month ahead. I organize and request for the entire team. Each person makes a dream list of shows to go to, and I hit the emails.



10 - Running an errand to pull a vintage Chanel pin we borrowed for a shoot. The location was further than I thought, my mules and I ran around SoHo.

11 - The squat and the selfie in one image.



12 - My apartment has the worst closet in the world. There was no argument to be had when I declared that, in what normally would be a cereal cabinet, would live my shoes. They stay pretty fresh up above the refrigerator.

13 - My dog Bow loses her bone behind the plant every day, multiple times a day.



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