What is "Gah"?!

Lisa Says Gah was started by our very own Lisa Bühler after she decided to share her love of saying "Gah" with the rest of the world. And what exactly is “Gah”? Well, it can be anything you want it to be, and that's the point. For us, saying Gah goes hand in hand with that powerful, yet elusive, "I've GOT to have it" feeling. So, with you in mind, we make sure that everything we present has us saying Gah first.

Go behind the scenes with Founder Lisa Williams Buhler from WestwoodWestwood.

In a world of fast-fashion, our goal is to have a home for the artists of the industry. Focused on connecting you with truly special pieces, we partner with independent female designers.

Go behind the scenes where the real work happens after fashion week with Lisa Says Gah's Assistant Buyer, Gabriela Pelletier as we select our spring 2018 product for the site.


Continually energized by the honest and interesting side of fashion, we believe in the power of effortless style paired with a sharp mind. The LSG blog is a visual diary of what has us excited right now. In an increasingly oversaturated market, our goal is to provide a stimulating and refined environment for you, the intelligent consumer, to shop, learn and, most importantly, find inspiration.

A studio visit with our fav shoe designers behind LoQ.

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