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Limited quantities & delayed shipping during our move.

Limited quantities & delayed shipping during our move.

This week’s Muse is Michelle Norris, an artist based in Atlanta, Georgia! Michelle lives her life in full-bleed color. From her home to her closet to her Instagram and creative projects, Michelle’s goal is to spread positivity and love through her obsession with vivid hues and creativity. She co-owns creative studio Tropico Photo with her husband, Forrest. Michelle manages the art direction side of the business, creating concepts, designing sets, choosing palettes, and directing on set. Michelle describes her style as bold and playful, and approaches by thinking about what will excite her, versus worrying about what truly pairs together. Aside from her love of fashion and her business, Michelle loves the outdoors, playing with her pup, Taco, and practicing her newly taken up hobbies, kayaking and painting. Of course, we had to ask what her current favorite color combo is, and her choice was Pink and Green. We couldn’t agree more as we approach spring!


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