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Limited quantities & delayed shipping during our move.

Limited quantities & delayed shipping during our move.

Today’s Muse is the one and only Boobie Billie! You know this stylish pup from Instagram and her dreamy account that truly makes us scream, “gah!” We found Boobie on IG last year, and we were instantly obsessed, so we sent Boobie Billie some of our Holiday knits and favorite Gah! accessories for her to style at home. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite gorgina canine and what she’s loving from LSG right now!



“I’m originally from LA, and was living in Brooklyn before the pandemic, but these days I’m mostly in Toronto. A year ago I started posting my gorg little OOTD photos and tbh I had noooo idea what it would turn into. Now I have a fabulous community of gorgina angel bbs, and I’ve even started my own brand (Boobie.World!) It’s been a wild ride and I’m so grateful for it. 2020 was a weird one for fashion, obvs. Most days, I want to just curl up under a blanket (like the fabulous LSG Heidi Throw), but honestly it’s become self care to get up and put on something cute. For me, the key is matchy matchy sets. It’s like, did I just throw this look on? Yes. Do I look gorgina? Also yes. It’s a no brainer bbs! Pieces I’m LOVING right now? Alllll the LSG sets. Give me all Twilight Blue everything! I’m loving statement pants too, like the Robyn Jean. If you know me, you know I LIVE for cow print. Total mooooood. Throw in a chunky Chelsea boot, and there you have it, bbs.”



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