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❄️ 30% Off Cold Weather Shop! Code: WARMUP30

❄️ 30% Off Cold Weather Shop! Code: WARMUP30

Meet Michelle Siman, her days begin with a glass of water... lemon water to be exact! She's a born and raised Toronto-based gahl after our own hearts, Michelle hosts her own beauty and wellness podcast called Lemon Water where she aims to inspire and empower a community of women with discussions on health involving skincare, fitness, natural remedies, and beyond. Michelle created her podcast back in 2017 "At the time, health and wellness bloggers were all kind of the same," she says between sips of her almond decaf latte. Her continuous goal with the project is to make wellness attainable as opposed to a pretentious thing that isn't accessible to everyone. Michelle is a humble gahl who makes celery juice with a blender because as she says "you make do with what you already have". Catch Michelle on her personal Instagram @simansays to discover a mix of awesome looks with a side of nutritious recipes. Don't forget to stop by @itslemonwater to indulge in loads of wellness inspiration and tune in to her podcast!



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