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Newness On Sale: Shop Now

Meet Megan Ladd, a born and raised Portlander with a burning desire to drink as many cortados as she can handle! She still lives in Portland Oregon and is constantly re-falling in love with the city! Megan spends most of her days downtown at West End Select Shop, a boutique she manages. You can find here there helping clients, assisting and styling photoshoots, and visual merchandising until her little Virgo heart is full. She is very passionate about sustainability efforts within the apparel industry, which is why she moonlights as a part-time vintage dealer. This effort has helped her discover her love for sewing and design. When she's not consumed by fashion you can find her taking photos on her little 35mm point and shoot, making pasta by hand, or soaking up the Oregon coast. Head over to her instagram @megan_clarisse where you can indulge in the beauty of her vintage finds while simultaneously mouthwatering over her newfound practice of bread baking.



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