Muse Monday: Faye Orlove

Muse Monday: Faye Orlove

Meet this week’s Muse Monday, Faye Orlove, an LA-based artist and activist. Faye is the founder and director of Junior High, a non-profit that serves a community of artists marginalized by systemic inequalities like patriarchy, homophobia, and capitalism. Junior High works to provide an accessible platform and safe space for women, queer people, non-binary artists, and artists of color. Since Junior High’s inception, voting has been one of the main issues the organization focuses on, from getting people registered to educating people about what’s on the ballot via social media.

The election is just weeks away, and we wanted to ask Faye a little bit more about how her organization is currently focusing on the importance of voting. Faye explained, “Junior High has consistently promoted the principle of VOTING since we opened. A lot of people used to ask me if the Trump election was why I started Junior High, but Junior High was both conceptualized and founded during the Obama Administration. Even though we had democratic leadership, there were a lot of administrative failures in terms of providing an equitable, safe, and just society. This is to say — voting and the foundations of equity and inclusivity are vital to Junior High and my efforts as an activist and as a human being.” Faye says to vote early, vote often, and vote with empathy.

Aside from Junior High, Faye is a visual artist. Her artwork reflects the same ideals as her non-profit, but with more of a focus on pop-culture. She loves reality TV, (90 Day Fiancé, anyone?), listening to “Come on Over” by Shania Twain on repeat, the fact that Kim Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer, and her own daily decision between Skechers or Tevas. Faye has two cats, several dying plants, and lives with her fiancé in Eagle Rock! Need help with your ballot? Junior High is hosting a live Q&A on Zoom tonight, October 12, to discuss the more confusing parts of the Los Angeles General Election Ballots. Junior High is here to help you navigate it all. RSVP to their Q&A if you are unsure about parts of the ballot!

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