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Muse Monday

Muse Monday: Demi Corso

Muse Monday: Demi Corso

Meet Muse Demi Corso, a Los Angeles born and raised analog loving photographer. Demi's work portrays the multifaceted characteristics of women with an eye for naturalism and a focus on fashion. She shoots primarily on film, which allows for a soft and nostalgic effect. When she's not shooting, she's working at the Women's Center for Creative Work, an art nonprofit. Demi works as the marketing and communications manager for WCCW's press @co_conspiratorpress, a publishing platform for artists, writers, designers, social justice workers, and editors from historically marginalized communities. Head over to her personal Instagram @demicorso to see her latest shoots, self-portraits, and friends-turned-models and models-turned-friends drenched in dreamy golden hour light!




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