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Meet Muse Bec Adams, an Australian-raised, newly U.S. bicoastal gal who wears many hats! Bec is back and forth between New York and Los Angeles working as a seasoned music supervisor and DJ. From her upbringing, Bec was taught the importance of music to one's subconscious, hence always believing in the intense power that music played in her life! Naturally, she pursued a career in the music industry, as a music licensing lawyer by day, and a DJ by night. Constantly uncovering the industry need for brands and people alike, to start using music as a tool to discover their image. It was then that she founded Les Filles, rooted in the fundamental notion of helping individuals enrich their lives through music experiences, and to push females to make a more impactful scene within the industry! For more on Bec’s day to day, head over to her Instagram @billiebadams where you’ll discover her angelic personal style coupled with her radiant personality!



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