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❄️ 30% Off Cold Weather Shop! Code: WARMUP30

❄️ 30% Off Cold Weather Shop! Code: WARMUP30

Say hello to this week’s muse, Annie Do. Annie, 27, is a model, stylist, and painter, and hails from South Philly. She started her modeling career three years ago when the owner of one of our favorite vintage shops, Room Shop, spotted Annie at a vintage shop in Old City. Ever since then, Annie’s been a freelance model, and is also a part-time server at a restaurant in Philly called Bloomsday. On her days off, she likes to relax, read, and hang out with her boyfriend and their bulldog Dumptruck. Annie loves to go thrifting and hunting for vintage treasures, lately she’s been searching for special vintage furniture. Right now, Annie’s working on going back to school, learning how to sew, getting back into styling, and reminding everyone to vote! (P.S. the Paloma Wool Twister Sweater is stocking next week!)



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