Couples Who Say Gah: Renatto & Sean

Couples Who Say Gah: Renatto & Sean


In celebration of the first unisex pieces part of our Yowie x LSG collab, we're featuring couples who say GAH! Catch them enjoying each other's company while sporting the bold pieces from the collection! Meet Sean and Natto. Both based on the East Coast, Sean works as a food stylist in NYC, while Natto is a concept designer and stylist living in Philly. Despite living in different cities, they make a point to spend as much quality time together as they can. We asked them a few questions about themselves, their relationship, and what they've been up to!



Newfound favorite hobby to do together since the start of quarantine?

Sean has been working on his garden + backyard since quarantine started so we've been cooking together and eating outside.



What trait do you appreciate the most in the other person?
S: Natto's eye and personal style.
N: Sean is an amazing cook! He's a food stylist and I'm a Taurus so it's a win-win, I also appreciate his super focused work ethic.



What has been the most memorable trip taken or experience done as a couple?
Our very first trip together for Sean's bday. We went to all of our favorite places in LA then went to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. I know it sounds basic but it was Sean's first time in the desert, we drove there at night so it was a nice surprise in the morning. We got stoned, cooked cute meals, and had sex outside, it was great!



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