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Limited quantities & delayed shipping during our move.

Limited quantities & delayed shipping during our move.

Meet Karolina Chorvath, this week’s Monday Muse! Karolina is a Czechoslovak-American journalist, blogger and chronic illness advocate who has lived and reported all over the globe. She’s a lifelong "Spoonie," (A Spoonie is anyone suffering from chronic illness, who as a result needs to carefully budget their time and energy), and uses her platform to fight for access and inclusion for folks living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Karolina is the Editorial Director for Hourglass Press, a collective uplifting artists based in Boston, and the author of a self-care zine with a goal of helping those with chronic illness and disabilities thrive. Karolina is a double Aquarius and former workaholic who loves all things fashion and beauty, as well as meditation and slow living.



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