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Who's That Girl: Magdalena O'Neal

Who's That Girl: Magdalena O'Neal

Meet our latest model and muse, Magdelana O'Neal!

 A recent graduate of Oakland school for the arts and soon to be a freshman at the university of Illinois at Chicago where she will major in English and minor in social justice. She works at a wonderful pie shop near lake merit and just published a short book of poetry called In Front of All My Neighbors and The Mailman. 

What's your sign?

I am a Gemini, I was born on the cusp of Taurus but everyone tells me I'm very stereotypically Gemini, I like to think its a compliment.  

Tell us a secret.

The title for my book came to me when I buzzed the mailman in to delivery a package and opened the door in nothing but my skivvies, total accident, but he ensured me he had seen worse. 

Where can you be found on your day off?

On my day off I'm most likely found in bed re watching game of thrones or gossip girl with my dog, he's a border terrier named Harry. 

What would you take home with you from the shoot? 

If I could take anything home from the shoot it would be either the Alexes Bowyer barbell necklace or the She Made Me halter bikini top


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