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✈️ Free Shipping on U.S. Orders $80+! ✈️

Born and raised in NYC, Layla Alter currently lives in her dream apartment in Brooklyn. Layla is a first generation American, born to two Israeli parents. She gains inspiration for her jewelry line, Alterita from the sexy, badass women in her life and her summers spent by the sea. She loves objects and things that appear to be edible but aren't, hence her love of making jewelry with glass fruit/vegetable charms. She recently started a new venture and is designing glass jewelry that is made locally by artist Mariko Makino at Brooklyn Glass studio. She enjoys bringing women together, going to her favorite middle eastern market and stocking up on olives and pickled things, hosting dinner parties, booking last minute weekend trips to Florida, and rereading her high school diaries. Her dream is to start a commune by the beach one day.




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