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Pouch - Mansur Gavriel

I like to change up my purses a lot so having the essentials in one handy pouch is perfect for transferring my stuff to and fro. It’s also a very handy pouch to grab when I’m trying to sneak discreetly out for a quick bite to eat or a coffee during hectic work days.

Perfume - Jo Malone

I’m a fragrance nut, and not even in like a snob way, but in the sentimental sap way. I just love how particular perfumes and scents are so tied to memories of people and places I love. Red Roses Cologne is very feminine, bold, floral yet clean all in one. It’s one of my absolute favorite fragrances it reminds me of my mom. She loves this scent so much and is also named Rosa. I miss her all the time and having this to spray within reach is a comfort of sorts — a hug if you will just let me be completely honest and saccharine.

Phone Case - Dear Mason

I’m obsessed with marble, so when I was at The Line Hotel in LA recently, I saw it at Poketo and just had to have it. Boom. Done.

Lipstick - Armani

Right now I’m really into lipsticks that are a more intense version of my natural lip color. I love how rich and moisturizing the formula Armani uses for their lipsticks is, and this color, in particular, is so flattering in most outfit and makeup situations, I throw it in my bag just in case. 

Book - Home is Burning

My pal Dan from UC Berkeley just wrote this dark, hilarious, brutally honest, naughty, and heartbreaking memoir about growing up with terminally ill parents (his mom has been fighting cancer since he was a young boy in Utah and he recently lost his father to ALS). His twisted sense of humor was the thing I remember and loved most about Dan when we were working on the same ad team at Berkeley, so I’ve been so excited to read his book. The way he writes about his deeply personal family story and manages to frame it in such a hilarious way is just genius.

Notebook - Moleskine

I’m lucky enough to have a career built around creativity: I work as a Senior Art Director at Edelman in SF, freelance for some lovely fashion and lifestyle clients, I’m a fashion blogger, and I paint in my free time. That doesn’t always leave me with much free time, but when I do find myself with idle time (mostly when I’m on BART commuting) I like to sketch a couple ideas down for paintings, storyboards for work, outfit ideas for the coming week, or just portraits of strangers (thank you, strangers!). 

Sunglasses - Céline

These Céline  sunglasses are simultaneously my favorite and worst pair I own! They photograph so great, but when you wear them and see yourself wearing them in real life they can be pretty intense. I like them nonetheless, they really feel like a statement, especially when I’m wearing a super minimalist or really boyish outfit.

Moisturizer Tin - Nivea

I’m partial to Aesop but until they figure out how to package their wonderful lotions into a non-exploding tube my purse will always have Nivea in it. I like the unapologetic drugstore lotion smell though! 

Candy - Jujubes!!

I’ve been obsessed with these little candies since the first time I found them at one of my favorite restaurants called Desco in downtown Oakland. It basically looks like the most unassuming candy ever until you actually have one and realize it’s the most intense, delicious, tart, but not overly sweet, taffy-like candy ever. They’re called Puntini Italian Jujubes and I order these from the blessed Internet because they’re tough to find IRL —unless you grab an entire handful and instruct everyone in your dinner party to do the same at Desco. ;)

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Olga Montserrat is one of those people who does so many things so well that she really does come off as superhuman. Not only is she holding down a badass Art Director position in the competitive world of advertising, but she's also killing it as a freelance designer and consultant for big name fashion and lifestyle clients. If that wasn't enough, this wunderkind is a talented painter and a proud fashion blogger mama to the ever enchanting site 12:04. Olga lives in The East Bay with a giant cat named Suitcase, considers herself an idiosyncratic style gamine, and generally thinks the Internet is a magical place.

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