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Muse Monday

Muse Monday: Tamu Mcpherson

Muse Monday: Tamu Mcpherson


Tamu Mcpherson is a Jamaican-born, Milan-based photographer known for her lively style, sunny disposition, and sharp intellect. Tamu initially studied literature and rhetoric at Binghamton University before going on to receive an MBA from Fordham University. In grad school, she quickly realized her heart was in fashion, not finance, so she packed her bags, and with her husband in tow, Tamu moved to Milan. A year later, she started taking street style photos for Glamour.it and soon after that Tamu was killing it as the Editor in Chief of Grazia. &Since; then she has worked independently for Vogue Pelle, Elle Italia and created her blog "All The Pretty Birds." Tamu is currently the style director of Out There, an international creative agency.&

Obviously, this babe has a very impressive resume, but as she so adeptly puts it, "Resume aside, I am a lion, distracted daydreamer, hopeless romantic, legally blond, pretty in pink, fiercely loyal, genetically engineered to seek out the happiness of my loved ones, simplistically idealistic, champion for the underdog, too sensitive at times, and just plain human." Human is good. We like human.


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