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JEN SZETO, Window Of Imagination

JEN SZETO,  Window Of Imagination



In Jen's Laura Schoorl Shearling Tote...

Lotto Ticket 

Sometimes, when [my fiancé] Colin and I have friends over and I need to make a run to the corner store, I'll pick up a few lotto tickets with my bottles of wine. I mean, you think drinking wine is fun, try throwing in some scratchers & the hope of winning $1 million and watch the fun meter go way up! This one proved mildly fruitful ($4!), but it's been sitting in my purse for the last six months waiting to be redeemed. 

Sunglasses - Illesteva

It's always sunny in California, and these Illesteva beauties keep my eyeballs from melting. I love the circular shape, and the unique color swirl adds a touch of boldness. Surprisingly, they go with any outfit. 


This photo strip was from a Canadian road trip we took in 2011. On our way back to California, we stopped in Portland and stayed at the Ace Hotel where they had the photo booth. This always reminds me of the good times from that trip, so it holds a special place in my heart. (Violins, please!)

Wallet - Smythson

I wanted to streamline my wallet and decided to downsize my behemoth continental style to a compact card case. I found this Smythson one while traveling in London and absolutely love it — it takes up way less space in my purse and eliminates any unnecessary clutter. 

Keychain - Joshu + Vela

This style Joshu + Vela keychain makes it really easy to tote my jangly bits around even when I'm not carrying a purse; I can just clip them to my pant loop or a strap. Also, Noah's (Joshu + Vela founder) shop is across the street from my apartment so it feels good to support a friend and neighbor. :) 

Lotion - Le Labo 

I'm ashier than a Yosemite forest fire, so I always have to carry lotion with me. I'm thoroughly addicted to Le Labo's 'Santal' scent, and this lotion is light but pleasantly fragrant, so I don't have to wear anything else. 

Charger - Mophie

My iPhone is my lifeline. I shoot, edit, post, and communicate all day long on it, so I tend to drain the battery pretty quickly. The Mophie is my great lifesaver, though, because it charges my phone while on-the-go. I don't have to worry about finding a wall plug... My umbilical cord is always by my side! 


Over the last two years, Jen Szeto has established herself as a champion of brands big and small through her style-based Instagram account, @windowofimagination. With a formal background in commercial production and advertising, Jen has worked methodically to showcase her minimalist aesthetic in a distinct, creative, way. When she's not documenting her sartorial adventures, you can find her taking on the physical and mental challenges of rock climbing in California and around the world. 


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