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Mirit Weinstock

Mirit Weinstock

A master of many mediums, Mirit Weinstock is a not only a storied fashion and jewelry designer, but has also had her multi-media artwork curated by the Louvre’s own head of contemporary art. After graduating from Shenkar college in 2002, Mirit dove headfirst into the fashion world, working alongside legends such as Alexander McQueen. Her own fashion label quickly took off, followed by her jewelry brand. With pieces inspired by childhood memories and the natural world, her unique and poetic jewelry collection calms the soul with a touch of lightness and nostalgia. There’s never a bad time for the perfect piece of jewelry, and Mirit always delivers.



1. First off! Take us back to the conception of your Holiday collection. Can you tell us about the design process? (Where do you start? A color palette, materials, theme?)

My latest collection, “Blush” is inspired by classic jewelry elements, and by shades of pink.
For the holiday collection, I combine classic drop shapes and blush pearls with handcrafted elements in interesting textures, bringing an updated look to classic ideas.&
I always start with materials, which are my biggest passion! I love to explore different materials such as eyelashes, garland, raffia, papers and transform them into jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted and sculptured from those special materials and later dipped in silver or gold. Alternatively, we make a mold from the initial paper or garland and create the final jewelry in silver cast while still capturing the original material's texture and look.

2. Three words to describe the Mirit Weinstock Holiday collection? Who do you envision wearing your pieces?

Sparkle, Classic, Fresh.
A woman with a fashion international personality who dreams about Paris in the 1920's but also rocks in concerts, loves to dance, has friends all over the world and always searching for new inspirations and dreams. A sophisticated, elegant, sexy lady.



3. Tell us about your studio space and neighborhood. How does your community influence your collections?

My studio is part of the house. I love it that way, and would not want it to be in a separate space. This allows me to be always surrounded by creation and inspirations and also to walk into my studio at 2 am enjoying late magical night work hours.
The building is an old Arabic house with high ceilings, big windows, and charming balconies. It is located in the flea market neighborhood in Jaffa, a south part of Tel Aviv city, and five minutes walk from the beach where I go every day even for five minutes to breath.
My studio is full of souvenirs that I have collected from flea markets around the world: from old Japanese geisha hair jewelry to 1930's French lace dresses.
I've been between Tel Aviv and Paris for over a decade and have been spending more and more time in Japan in the past few years, so there are many mix influences on my collection.

4. We know that design is only a small part of running your own business. What do you love most about your job that has nothing to do with design?

Being with people all day that I just came back from Japan. I had a press tour there presenting my SS18 collection at Vogue, Elle, etc and visiting the stores that present the collection. It was very very exciting. I enjoy introducing and speak about my collection in person, rather than overseas relationships which I have with most of the stores that carry the collection. I loved the opportunity to get to know the people who work at the stores and that are selling the jewelry, hearing their feedback, meet with clients, it was touching and educating.

5. Do you have a 2018 mantra you want to live by? What were you passionate about this year and what are you looking forward to next year?

My mantra is that life is such a great adventure!
My biggest passion is my daughter Lilia who is one year and nine months old. Lilia has been traveling with me already to Paris fashion weeks, and Japan. It is such a huge crazy love, full of joy and precious moments.


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