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Blogger Spotlight: Sasha León of Styleworm

Blogger Spotlight: Sasha León of Styleworm

LSG: What sparked the idea for your blog?
I've always loved writing and dressing up, so blogging seemed like the perfect outlet, a way to connect those interests to the world. One of my old high school friends suggested I started a blog just because she enjoyed the way I dressed. That was enough!

LSG: How did you pick the name?
I had to brainstorm and find something catchy but short. I had a huge list of options. I eventually crossed out every other possible name and Styleworm was the one I liked the most.&I; read all the time, and I'm attached to every book I own, so Styleworm is referencing "book worm." Most people don't get it, but it's catchy and stays in their head, so it works.

LSG: How long did you roll the idea around before getting started?
Maybe a couple of months. I had to brainstorm a name, get a web page and get to writing. The first months are always difficult; you need a photographer and a web designer if you want a good blog. I eventually found the right people to collaborate with, and now everything rolls smoothly.

LSG: Biggest lessons in the first year?
Probably to stop procrastinating. Having a blog is like a second (or third) job, so putting it off for later is easy. Then the days go by, and you haven't posted anything. That is the best way to go downhill and make your readers forget you.&

LSG: What kind of advice do you have for&people; thinking about starting a blog?&
Do it constantly and write about what you love. People are too focused on building an empire out of a blog, somewhat like the Blonde Salad or Kayture. Staying true to yourself and your style is crucial. Also, you don't need a lot or any money to start. Wordpress is free, some layouts are free and you can always post inspiration. Knight Kat is a successful blog, and she has never showed her face. It's mostly inspiration of hers.

LSG: Day Job?
Fashion Journalism student.&
I was an Editorial Assistant for FourTwoNine magazine, but my internship ended in June. I am currently writing for 180 Magazine and am the marketing lead for Visualyst (an online fashion platform).

LSG: Tell us about your LSG shop picks! Why did you select what you did, and where would you wear this outfit? What do you love about each piece?&

I loved the "Come for Breakfast" knitted T-shirt dress. There's something very french about it, and I loved the color palette. I'm also a big lover of comfort when it comes to clothing, so this one hit the spot. As soon as I saw it I swooned. I would wear this to brunch or a farmer's market.

The Sonia by Sonia Rykiel denim dress was also a dream before my eyes. I am a huge fan of Sonia Rykiel; her ad campaigns are my favorite. It wasn't a surprise when I saw the tag and thought "No wonder I love this... It's by Sonia!" I would probably take this out during a fashion event. The bedazzled details are too pretty to not be seen or photographed.

The other two pieces are a white bra from Jonesy and the "Demy Lee" skirt paired together. I love classic bras and briefs. I don't wear a bra, ever, so wearing one as a top was fun. The skirt was so comfortable I could lie in a pile of them... And I would wear this outfit in my Parisian apartment while I handwash some garments and cook a panini for my husband... if only.


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